Evolution of a great idea.

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The journey of Liv2BGirl started from the problems of current social media and social anxiety that overwhelms young people everywhere. You might have numerous friends on Facebook or hundreds of followers on Twitter or Instagram, but we all know that is not the reality of friendships in real life. In looking deeper, we discovered so many things any parent would find appalling. Obscene images, language, hate pages were easily accessible.

With technology on steroids, what was the future of this environment and the kids who lived in it? We knew there needed to be social change and decided to test our concept of offering a supportive, empowering environment within a beta website a couple of years ago. We discovered how much this was needed – our idea to surround girls with positive influence and encouragement was completely validated.

I was the Liv2BGirl user on the site and when I was logged in, I would receive many questions. I became their coach, cheerleader, teacher, mentor and biggest fan. I celebrated their joys, talents, passion and achievements with them. And for many, felt the heartache, sadness, fear and anxiety that penetrated their lives everyday.

Young girls and teens experience more and more stress, while the bar has been raised higher than ever before. There are so many changes happening to them physically and emotionally and they are not sharing those feelings with parents in most cases. This fueled us even more to make a difference in these girls’ lives, determined to create a culture that would lift them up, instead of tearing them down.

We are now raising funds on the crowd funding site, Indiegogo, to build the mobile app with all of the features that the girls loved on our website. There will be a featured girl who is highlighted, someone pursuing her dreams or passionate about a cause that will inspire others.  We will have hangouts, with mentors that are great role models of sports, music, technology, fine arts, etc. Girls can check out the latest events happening in their area and create their own. And of course, the news feed of all of their friend posts with pictures and videos incorporating a gaming system rewarding the girls for spreading the love.

There is a lot of hate in the world today, but there is a lot of love that we don’t always see. Please show us if you agree by liking, sharing and contributing to our campaign and together we can be the social change.


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