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Being a start-up company has its challenges and rewards, but when you are doing something you really believe in, nothing deters you. Liv2BGirl is that for me. As it evolves and changes, I grow more excited about our company and the endless number of possibilities that exist to make true change happen for all girls in today’s world.

Moms worry and I’m no exception. I remember growing up and having challenges as a girl in middle school and high school. Pressures always existed with friends, fashion, parties, self-image and self-esteem. I have two daughters of my own – the pressure they feel is even more prevalent because of our media landscape.

During the tumultuous adolescent years, teens struggle to find themselves. Today that process is even more challenging – constant text conversations instead of talking voice to voice and social apps that enable some to adopt a personality not true to who they really are. Television, movies, and the radio inundate our daughters with messages – both subliminal and direct – to be better, prettier, skinnier, stronger, smarter.

Helping our own teen daughters, along with all other girls we can reach, fuels an intense passion and dedication to Liv2BGirl for me and my business partner, Tosha. Our children inspire us to act and think beyond the ordinary.

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