Why We Love Elizabeth Long

December 5th, 2016 Posted by Uncategorized No Comment yet

In 2014, an app called Yik Yak was used at Elizabeth’s school to target her.  You see, Elizabeth had tried to commit suicide a couple of months before and while she was recovering, she started seeing messages on Yik Yak, telling her she should go ahead and do it.  Frightening?   It is beyond imaginable anyone would think of bullying Elizabeth during a time when what she needed most was love and support.

Instead of letting her story end there, Elizabeth went on Change.Org and started a petition.  (To view the petition, click HERE. )  As a result of the media attention given to her petition, Yik Yak met with Elizabeth and her father, Bentley, and verbally agreed to change the app.  As of today, more than a year later, no action has been taken so Elizabeth is starting a new petition.

Elizabeth’s story hits home and she’s the perfect example of why we started Liv2BGirl.   There are so many stories like hers and the hate needs to stop.  We’ve asked Elizabeth to be part of Liv2BGirl as a role model and mentor for other girls who’ve experienced cyberbullying.  We’re proud to say, she’s agreed.

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