Your #MoreThanALike

April 8th, 2018 Posted by Uncategorized No Comment yet

By: Abbie Stinson University of Georgia Graduate

Growing up in a social media crazed culture, it’s easy to become consumed with instagram, facebook, and even snapchat. We obsess over what people will think about our posts, how we look in photos, and ultimately how many likes we get on our posts. But how much obsessing is actually healthy? And how is this impacting the upcoming generation of girls?

I became interested in how these social media factors are impacting girls and the culture they are growing up in. It’s now too easy for girls to get on instagram and compare themselves to friends, bloggers, and “insta-famous” accounts. To girls who are growing into themselves and searching for who they will become, are these comparisons taking a toll on their already unstable confidence?

I began to interview high school girls to get their insight on these issues I felt were so prominent.  I filmed the interviews and created a short video to help raise awareness about how girls are being impacted by social media. I’m not sure what can even be done to help the situation (it’s not like we can just do away with all the social media outlets), but I do know it is a problem. So take a second to check out my video and feel free to share it!



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